The ADU modular units are built using a 8×8 cube system. The interior is 8×8 and the exterior adds another foot. For instance, the 300 sq. ft. unit is a 2×2 modular unit. The 450 sq. ft is a 3×2 modular unit and 600 sq. ft is a 3×3 and so on. Additional square footage is available per square footage based on your unit.

The cost for the following modular units are:

300 sq. ft – Starting at $35,000 (2×2)
450 sq. ft. – Starting at $49,000 (3×2)
600 sq. ft. – Starting at $65,000 (3×3)

We can customized your modular unit and work can also work with architectural plans to be designed and built for special orders.

Telescoping stilts for flotation is an additional $15,000. This new feature includes utility and water systems that are manufactured using a plex material that stretches, and collapses and will rise to allow for uninterrupted flow of utilities.

*Additional taxes vary by state. Custom fees vary by country. 

The structures come with standard equipment which consist of:

  • Electrical distribution box with six circuits
  • General lighting
  • Four weatherproof power outlets (optional)
  • Angled external roof for snow/rain runoff (optional)
  • 4-inch insulated quad door system with two inward and two upward opening doors (optional)
  • Upgrades and items available including telescoping stilts for leveling. And floatation buoys for flood zones.
  • Flat roof, fully sealed with gutter.
  • Useable space on roof for roof gardens or recreations.
  • Regular residential doors.

More information on the specifications and elevations are coming soon. Off-The-Grid options are also available.