Quadrow Modular System

The Quadrow Modular System is an innovative company located in INDIO, California, in the eastern Coachella Valley, which builds modular homes that resist natural disasters such as destructive forest fires .
Quadrow was fifst founded 2015 from Toshi Ghalebi.
The material the company used to build homes  survived over 800 degrees.The walls are made of magnesium oxide and are supported by steel.With Quadrow’s Modular Concept, building a modular house can be more affordable than building a house in a conventional style because the builder will save thousands of dollars in labor costs. Goals have been designed to provide comfortable, affordable housing to local communities and work to a nationwide business. Transport friendly-efficient-can fit 2 500 sq ft housing kit in one trailer net -0 energy efficient. Current projects – single family homes in cathedral city / indio, CA-greenhouse- north palm springs.
The modular concept of the Quadrow modular system allows building a nce
and cozy home as well as a small house.

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